The Lockhart River and Aboriginal Shire have 3G internet connectivity which is powered by solar power. Over the last 18 months, the town has had 3 major outages. 1 of those outages was due to a lack of power due to cloud cover. If cloud cover knocks out internet connectivity, perhaps it is time to power the 3G infrastructure through mains power.

An isolated Indigenous community in Queensland has again been left without phone lines or internet services for four days.

The Lockhart River and Aboriginal Shire is currently without internet and phone services due to a solar power incident at a site in Pascoe.

The region has an extensive history of telecommunications issues, which tend to happen in the wet season when these services are needed the most.

Earlier in February, about 800 Lockhart River residents lost landline, mobile and internet connections for more than a week due to intermittent power failures at Batavia Downs.