If the federal government allocates more funds to mental health community centres, but those centres have no skilled, experienced psychiatrists and psychologists, then what is that money going to buy?

Workplaces can be cruel sometimes, so deciding whether employers should have a duty to prevent mental health hazards in the same way they do physical safety risks is critical to ensuring mental health issues can be prevented from starting in the first place.

Australia’s top mental health experts say much more needs to be done to meet the needs of millions of Australians living with complex mental illness and boosting the mental health workforce is key.

The federal government announced a $2.3 billion investment in mental health in Tuesday’s budget, including funding for aftercare services for those who have attempted suicide and money for almost 60 mental health centres for young people, children and adults.

The investment included $278.6 million to strengthen and expand headspace centres for teenagers and young adults, $487.2 million to build more adult HeadtoHelp centres across the country, and $100.8 million to create 15 new centres for children aged up to 12.