To know mental health considerations are taking place in such a ‘blokey’ industry is encouraging.

If we can make it easier for people considering suicide to make contact with and receive help from the health system the suicide rate will fall.

Suicides are growing every year at the moment, and every industry needs to have a safety net.

Ms Mudd is a former excavator operator and truck driver who now works in health and safety at Mullane Construction Plumbing.

“It is very much a male-dominant area, and a lot of them fear that if you talk about mental health you will be portrayed as being weak.”

In her years in the industry, she’s seen how common mental health problems are — and says she’s starting to see it strike at ever-younger ages in the apprentices on-site.

“Things need to drastically change, because [suicide] is becoming more and more [common],” she says.

“We’re not talking about your 25 to 40-year-old age group, you’re looking at your 14-year-olds. They’re the next up-and-coming generation.”