Peer support around resolving mental health issues can be invaluable.

Peers have lived experience of mental health problems, and their experiences may be similar to yours which means you can learn something applicable to your own struggles, or their experience may be quite different meaning you can broaden your understanding of human experience.

The Grow Program was founded in Sydney in the 1950s and replicates a lot of the success of Alcoholics Anonymous.

The Grow Program is based on a 12-step program of personal growth, mutual help and support. It is all-inclusive and draws on many principles for mental, social and spiritual health.

At each meeting, members, known as Growers, share how they came to GROW and how they’re exploring self-improvement as they work on their personal recovery.

Recovery is not a straight road and that is where the support of other Growers can help. Everyone in the group has opportunities to share their experiences of coping with mental ill-health.

GROW groups are free join, you don’t need to have a referral or a doctor’s diagnosis and groups are confidential. You can even choose to remain anonymous.

Meetings take place in a safe, caring and confidential way, whether the meetings are face-to-face or online.

They are held weekly and go for about two hours.